The best wedding photo inspirations 2017

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2017 has proven to be a wonderful year for wedding photo inspirations, with many stunning concepts that incorporate myriad styles, from editorial to photo-journalistic. We have sourced a handful to get you thinking about styling your own wedding photo.

Woodland wedding shoot

The first comes from a photographer named Christian Michael, whose naturalistic and reportage style is incredibly charming. There’s something so sweet about his photo, featured in’s list of the 50 best wedding photographers of 2017. It’s a theme that’s been explored before by other photographers, but, the way Christian has captured the couple, deep in the woodlands, is beautifully evocative.

A cold winter’s morning

We hope, like us, you will fall head-over-heels in love with this idea. Taken by Jacqui McSweeney Photography and featured in Rock My Wedding, this is the ultimate crisp winter’s morning shot. The couple – Stuart and Alice, look like they’re lifted from a fairytale, with the frost covered grass beneath their feet, the lush greenery surrounding them, and the morning light illuminating them.

Love in the snow

2017 so far, is a year where winter wedding photography has really come into its own. This next shot, from Soul Season Photography, epitomises the ultimate winter wonderland vibe. Featuring Fabian and Katja, the shot was taken outdoors in a snow drenched woodland, just at the start of another snow storm.

Fantastic rustic!

We are a big fan of the rustic and vintage style here at CHW, as many of our gorgeous venues hit the right notes when it comes to these two themes, so this editorial shoot, from photographer Hayley Savage and featured in So You’re Getting Married, certainly stood out for us! A simplistic concept for sure, but so rich in colour and tone. The two brides gazing, romantically, into each others eyes, holding dark, bouquets of Autumnal flowers and foliage is pure artistry.

Taking the white wedding one step further

If you’re a couple who really, and we mean really, love minimalism, then this concept shoot, inspired by the Italian sculpture Gian Lorenzo Bernini, is just the ticket! It’s bold and so romantic, yet, it’s colours are plain and muted. The photographer Joey Kennedy, took his vision of the Italian wedding into an entirely different sphere, stripping away any over-the-top styling, and simply using emotions and statuesque poses, thus creating something truly out of this world.

Mixing the old world with the new

Our final choice is from The Perfect Palette, who for this editorial shoot has brought together touches of the old world with the new, creating a style that is very eye catching indeed. “All throughout the shoot there is a mix of modern and traditional touches.” said Ellen Ashton, the photographer. Our favourite from this editorial is the shot of the groom kissing the bride’s forehead, surrounded by flowers.

So, these are our choices of wedding photo inspirations for this year so far. Let us know what you think and whether you’ve found anything out there catches your eye.

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