Wedding Trends: Snap Happy!

Do you want a 360 degree view of your wedding day?

It is tradition to have a professional photographer capture those special moments throughout your wedding day but have you ever thought about all the details they could, and often do, miss? Through the beauty of social media, many of your guests will take their own photographs of your wedding day but have you ever thought about using this to your advantage?

Love it or loath it, we find that many people it seems cannot go anywhere without taking photographs on their smart phones so when sending out your invitations why not invite your guests to do exactly that?

Wedpics is just one of many apps available that allows couples to create a unique album in which their wedding guests can share and upload the photographs they have taken throughout the course of their magical day. Not only is it free (and we have found that Wedpics is very easy to use!) but it is interactive, and since only individuals who you invite can share images it means that it is completely unique to you, your partner and your wedding day!


Long gone are the days when disposable cameras would adorn the banqueting tables – people want their images instantaneously! This is a fun way to create lasting memories of those natural, unrehearsed and candid shots that would pass you by if you relied solely upon your professional wedding photographer.

It makes your guests feel as if they are contributing towards your special day and it means that you will get a glimpse of your wedding from all angles.

Have you used this app or something similar? Is this something that you would recommend or like to use? Please let us know your thoughts.

I think this is great fun and from what I have seen, I would most certainly recommend it. Happy snapping everybody!

Becca at St Audries Park

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