What Makes A Country Wedding So Special?

When it comes to organising your big day, one of the biggest decisions you’ll face is picking out your ideal location and themes. Nowadays, the thought of escaping the big city and venturing out for a country wedding is undoutedly at the top of plenty of lists and rightfully so! With rolling hills, stunning views and a wealth of breathtaking buildings, a country wedding is the perfect destination for the wedding of your dreams. Here, we are going to take a quick look at what makes a country wedding so special.


When organising a wedding, it is important to ensure that you have enough space to cater for all of your guests at your chosen venue. Avoiding cramped, uncomfortable situations is vital for a comfortable day and so those with a large wedding party will need as much space as you can get. This is something that is in abundance when looking for county wedding venues – barns, manor houses and orangeries all make amazing locations for a dream wedding and often have plenty of space to cater for larger guest lists. In fact, multiple wedding venues in Somerset offer exactly this and with views to die for, you can be sure to find the perfect location to suit your vision without compromising on size or having to cut down the amount of guests you are able to invite.


When organising a wedding, you’d be forgiven for going a little crazy with organising the finer details and decoration can often be the highest point of stress for many couples. With a country wedding, you’re treated to stunning locations with incredible décor often already included as part of the overall architecture. In some cases, you can add your own decoration to make your wedding your own, but with a beautiful country home, for example, you can cut costs but utilising the existing beauty.

Great for Photos

In addition to a stunning interior design, it is also important to note that a country wedding makes the perfect location for all your amazing wedding photographs. Your backdrop could feature anything from miles of scenery, to elegant horses and other wildlife. What’s more, with all of your family and friends all in one place, you can ensure that you have the best looking photographs throughout your big day in a natural manner rather than a posed one. Additionally, due to the vast amount of space, there is often a lot of light within this location, creating a unique, airy and welcoming atmosphere for all those that are invited.


While the setting of a country wedding may leave you with images of traditional ceremonies and elegant receptions, they can actually offer the perfect combination of traditional and modern, allowing for a truly tailored experience. With a beautiful base to work from, any flowers or decoration that you may be able to add will only service to transport you into your very own paradise for your big day and with a vast amount of space, you can ensure that you make the most of everything available to you.

With endless possibilities and plenty of room for your guests on your dream day, it is easier than ever to have the day you have always wanted surrounded by the ones that you love. Enjoy!

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