Will you break with tradition and wear a coloured bridal gown ?

Will you break with tradition and wear a coloured bridal gown on your weddingday?  15% of brides will but a staggering 85% of brides will wear a white or an ivory-shaded dress on their special day.


Colorful complexions

Some of us just don’t suit white and look much better in a vibrant shade.  If your skin tone looks washed out in white or ivory shades then you’re better off adding a definite colour to your wedding gown.

You don’t have to go for dramatic colour though, some wonderful pale pink and baby blue wedding gowns are becoming readily available.


An evening wedding

With the recent change in the law meaning that you can get married up until 6pm, you may well be planning on partying on late until the evening after the ceremony. If that’s so, perhaps you’d rather be wearing a dress that looks like more of a ballgown than a wedding gown? If you choose a dress that you could wear to an evening affair, you can wear it over and over again and relive the time when you were looking fabulous as a Bride.


What sort of colour is right for you?

If you’re looking for a real show stopper, then stop the traffic in a ravishing red number. Red looks great on blondes, brunettes and darker haired brides and remember that there are many different shades too– from a bright scarlet, through to a deep ruby.

Purple is another dazzling shade for a wedding gown– it’s sophisticated, unusual and again comes in all sorts of hues from a delicate lilac, through to an eye catching deep purple.


What season suits which colour?

If you’re thinking about having a coloured dress then consider the time of year you’re getting hitched in. Pale pastels will look stunning at a spring or summer wedding, whereas in autumn you could go for a rich burnt orange, forest green or a chocolate brown. In winter you can go for deep, rich hues, while spring would be perfect for brightly coloured gowns.


The colour of the wedding dress you choose is like every other part of your big day. It’s your big day and so you should do what you feel most comfortable with. If you think you’ll feel like a meringue in a big white dress then look at other options.  When you’re wedding dress shopping keep an open mind– because what you finally decide upon may well surprise you!

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