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With couples continually on the lookout for ways to make their big day different, it’s no surprise we’re seeing more and more weddings taking place in the winter months. Not only is a cold weather wedding the perfect opportunity to snuggle-up and get cosy with your nearest and dearest, it also gives you the chance to get creative with your wedding cake. As Brides Magazine points out: “December, January, or February calls for a wedding cake that captures that icy atmosphere and injects a little warmth and romance”. To help you find your perfect cake, here are our tips for designing the perfect winter wedding centrepiece.

White winter

Traditionally, wedding cakes are finished with white fondant icing. This works perfectly for winter cakes, as the bright-white finish evokes the snow and ice of these chilly months. If you want to give your white cake a bit of visual interest, cut out wintery shapes using more fondant icing. Snowflakes, pine trees, and stars all look great in monochrome – adding a stylish touch to your seasonal cake.

Splash of colour  

If you want to add a splash of colour to your cake, you can emphasise your wintery theme by using a cold weather palette. Reds, greens, and golds all shout ‘winter wedding’, or you can opt for a deep purple or navy blue to add a bold block colour to your cake design. If you don’t want your whole cake to be coloured, simply use a few icing embellishments or decorations to lift the design and make it truly eye-catching.

A simple wedding cakeNatural decoration

Natural decorations can be used very effectively to enhance a winter wedding cake. Pinecones, holly leaves, and other pieces of greenery can be draped around your cake to help bring the outside in and give the cake a festive feel. Dried red and orange flowers can also be used in the display, or you can select some winter fruits like physalis, red currants, and cranberries to bring colour and visual interest to your cake design.

Seasonal sparkle

A winter wedding is a great excuse to add some serious sparkle to the proceedings. Use a range of metallic touches to brighten up your wedding cake. Done well, metallics can transform a beautiful wedding cake into something truly spectacular.

A nod to Christmas

If your winter wedding is taking place close to Christmas, you can use a bit of festive imagery to give your cake a holiday feel. Candy canes, chocolate treats, and even a Santa or two can be used to add a bit of fun to the design, ensuring your cake really stands out from the crowd.

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