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Real Weddings
Alyson Claydon
December 11th 2019
Kelly & Chris’s Real Life Wedding
Kelly’s surprise birthday in London lead to a proposal, you guessed! It was a YES… Tell …
Real Weddings
Alyson Claydon
November 7th 2019
Yuvika & Daniel’s Real Life Wedding
Daniel proposed to Yuvika whilst on Ponte Sant’Angelo located in front of Castel Sant’Angelo in …
Alyson Claydon
October 22nd 2019
Our Ice Cream Trike Has Arrived!
Hire your very own ice-cream trike for your wedding day and treat your guests! Our traditional Victo…
Real Weddings
Alyson Claydon
September 10th 2019
Sarah & Jon’s Real Life Wedding
Jon took me and our son (Harrison) to Dartmoor which is our favourite place and after a nice walk ha…
Real Weddings
Alyson Claydon
September 5th 2019
Sam & Hayley’s Real Life Wedding
A Winter proposal on Clifton suspension bridge lead to a superb Summer Wedding! Tell us about the pr…
Real Weddings
Alyson Claydon
July 1st 2019
Laura & Paul’s Real Life Wedding
A Birthday weekend away in London lead to a surprise Proposal, a Haribo Ring and a Theatre trip to s…

Christmas Dinner Date – 27th November 2019

June 17th 2019

Holly & Mike’s Real Life Wedding

June 4th 2019

Supplier Spotlight – The Wedding Filming Company

April 10th 2019