Church Lodge for the Night Before the Wedding

Church Lodge is located just off the main driveway of St Audries Park, hosting spectacular views of the main house itself as well as the surrounding Deer park and beautiful Somerset countryside.  Church Lodge has five tastefully decorated bedrooms and can be booked as part of the Party at Peregrine Night before Package or taken as accommodation for up to 8 guests for the night before or night of your wedding, subject to availability.

The addition of Church Lodge now completes the former estate of St Audries Park ensuring that up to 40 guests can stay onsite for the night before your wedding with accommodation for up to 104 guests available within walking distance for the night of your wedding.

If you are considering booking a wedding at St. Audries Park, or already have a date secured, please contact Jade to discuss our range of wedding & accommodation packages:


T: 01984 633 633
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