Combers Inside Outside- Hair & Make Up



After 36 Years as Combers we evolved to Combers Inside Out Hairdressing. Whilst most of our regular guests won’t notice our evolving culture, or necessarily care as long as our service and standards of hairdressing remain high. As founder and salon Coach I don’t feel it is right to say we are not just another salon without explaining why….

Many think the mind works like a camera, accurately recording what’s really going on around it, but in actuality, the mind works more like a projector, so that a 5 to 15 minute consultation EVERY visit is important so we can listen and feel what you are saying.  Only then can we design a hair style for you that reflects you from the inside out.

We believe that a hairstyle that projects you from this perspective is more authentic and sustainable. Creating any hairstyle however good is outside-in designing. Yes it can change the way you feel temporarily but it will never truly satisfy, because there is always something missing….the real you.


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