6 ways to freshen up your bridal hairstyle for summer

Freshen up your bridal hairstyle for summer

Your bridal hairstyle needs just as much consideration as any other part of your big-day ensemble. Come summer, however, you’ll have several challenges to overcome to ensure a flawless look.

From humidity-induced frizz to colour fading caused by those troublesome UV rays, summer hair problems show themselves in many ways. You don’t have to put a hair wrong on your wedding day, even as temperatures rise, with our top ways to freshen up your bridal hairstyle for summer.

1. Plan ahead for hair perfection

If you plan to dye your hair to ensure a look you love on your wedding day, planning makes perfect. It’s recommended that you colour your hair at least two weeks before your wedding date to allow time for your refreshed shade to settle and develop a more natural hue.

Brides looking to enjoy a whole new shade entirely should start their preparations at least six months in advance!

2. Think about sun protection

Your coloured hair will need additional protection to stay looking great on and in the run-up to your summer wedding day. As celebrity colourist Josh Wood explains, prevention is certainly better than cure:

“Great hair colour is not possible without great hair condition. Any hair colour products will always work better on hair that is well moisturised, healthy and well looked after. So, to give your colour the best chance possible to prevent hair colour fade, make sure you’re following all the usual rules about looking after the health of your hair: avoid using too much heat when styling, use a gentle, sulphate-free shampoo, and choose your hair dye wisely.”

3. Use fresh flowers – the right way

2023 has already been full of unforgettable floral trends. Flowers can be used everywhere during your wedding, including in your hair. Fresh flowers may offer a chic finishing flourish, but they need to be used correctly to stay in tip-top condition during your summer wedding.

While many experts recommend avoiding fresh flowers in your hair altogether during the warmer months, you shouldn’t have to forgo the florals that help you complete your dream wedding look just because of the weather!

Picking a flower that is robust is a great place to begin. Your chosen blooms should also be chilled the night before your wedding to keep them looking fresh and crisp all day long.

4. Keep your cool with an updo…

Updos are always great choices for brides, with their timeless elegance keeping the bridal look fresh and flawless, whatever the season.

During summer, an updo has a very practical purpose too. By keeping the hair off the neck with a laid-back or more formal knot, chignon, bun, tuck or twist, you can stay cool even as temperatures climb and ensure the flawless wedding photos every marrying couple wishes for.

5. …or go one better with a braid

Braided bridal hairstyles are particularly summer friendly. As well as looking stunning, braids provide a long-lasting finish that’ll help you see out the day in style. Braided styles are resistant to heat and humidity, and can be accessorised in the most wonderful way.

Braids also look fantastic on all hair types, with every texture – from pin straight to wavy and curly – able to be braided beautifully.

6. Use product to your advantage

The right products could be your saving grace during your summer wedding day, especially if you’re opting for a curled or other heat-styled finish.

Lock in your look with products recommended for your hair type and style. Be sure to grab mini versions of these hair saviours to pop into your emergency wedding kit so you can perfect and freshen up your look as and when you need to throughout your big day.

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