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Team SA
June 24th 2022
DIY place settings that look great whatever the season
Setting your wedding tables for the glorious celebration that is your big day is an important aspect…
Team SA
May 27th 2022
6 steps to flawless wedding photos
As a lasting memento that tells the big story of your special day, your wedding album has got to be …
Team SA
February 11th 2022
Just engaged? Here’s how to take care of that sparkler
There are so many ways to enjoy that ‘just engaged’ feeling. But some post-engagement tasks just…
Team SA
January 29th 2021
The best ways to enjoy that ‘just engaged’ feeling
Before you get down to crunching the numbers of your wedding budget or browsing big day inspiration …
Team SA
January 15th 2021
How to devise a realistic wedding budget
Devising a budget during the early stages can help every bride and groom get a handle on wedding pla…
Team SA
December 18th 2020
Things every winter mini-breaker should add to their itinerary
Winter is almost here, which means many of us will be tempted to hole up at home and stay warm and c…

What expenses are bridesmaids expected to cover?

September 25th 2020

How to include sustainable fashion in your wedding

September 11th 2020

Same-sex wedding style: the ultimate guide

August 28th 2020

How to be the best bridesmaid

June 26th 2020

Gift registries – why go online with your wedding list

June 5th 2020

Wedding dress shopping tips for pregnant brides-to-be

April 24th 2020
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