Winter wedding advice: making the most of those darker evenings

Making the most of those darker evenings.

While according to the latest National Wedding Survey, December is the most popular time to get engaged, August and September remain the top months to get married in. Winter may not be the most popular season to tie the knot but whether you’re a fan or not, there’s no denying the magic and beauty of the cooler months.

The ambience that the crisper mornings, shorter days and darker evenings create is simply beautiful come winter, and there are several timeless touches you can add to your venue to really make the most of everything this stunning season has to offer.

By candlelight

Candlelight is one of the most romantic, ambient, and timeless touches of all. The dimmest of corners can be lit to a beautiful finish that will shine all evening long. It is important to note that naked flames and candles should be placed with care throughout your venue.

At St Audries Park, all naked flames and candles must be fully encased at the sides, with the tip of the flame at least 5cm below the rim of the encasement. With the exception of enclosed hurricane lamps outside, all naked flames must be placed at least 70cm above floor height. Using battery-operated, flameless candles however, offers a great and safer alternative.

Twinkle twinkle

Whether it’s the design of those beautiful winter bouquets and seasonally inspired buttonholes, or the wider look and feel of your décor that you want to give a winter makeover, adding sparkle doesn’t have to be in your face.

A jewel-toned scheme will add richness, depth and glamour, as well as offer a chance to incorporate more sparkling metallic accents. The result is an unforgettable festive and romantic wedding look that is made for winter.

Let it sparkle

If you want to be a little more obvious with your touches of seasonal sparkle, go heavy on the sequins. Is there any better excuse to bring out the full-length, sequin bridesmaid dresses than your wedding day?

Whatever shade you want your wedding party to sparkle in, these winter-friendly designs are real showstoppers. 

Timing is everything!

The shorter days and darker evenings only add to the intimate, cosy vibe couples and their guests love to embrace at this time of year, especially if you use our tips above. But it is important to note that the sun setting earlier can present its challenges.

Here Jenna Miller, Creative Director of Here Comes The Guide, shares the advice every couple planning a winter wedding should keep in mind:

“The sunset happens pretty early. In some areas of the country, it could be dark by 4:30 pm. Keep this in mind when setting your wedding start time. Be sure to check with your photographer about the earlier sunset’s infamous ‘golden hour’. This is the prime time to take outdoor wedding photos (if the weather cooperates!), and it’s worth planning your ceremony around.”

At St Audries Park, we help couples negotiate wedding planning like a pro from season to season. Your dedicated wedding coordinator is here to support you at every turn to ensure a dream day, whatever your requirements.

If you have any questions relating to having your wedding at St Audries Park, please don't hesitate to call Sally via the contact details below:


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