Bridesmaid dress trends since 1920

Being asked to be a bridesmaid is a wonderful honour and one that most girls feel incredibly lucky to experience.  Choosing bridesmaid dresses can be very difficult, with so many styles and designs to choose from and reaching a decision can involve many discussions within the bridal party.

It may be that you are drawn to a particular style from the past and a vintage theme could fit the wedding of your dreams. Historically, western bridesmaid traditions originated from Roman law, which required ten witnesses at a wedding in order to outsmart evil spirits believed to attend marriage ceremonies.  The bridesmaids and ushers would dress in identical clothing to the Bride and Groom, so that the evil spirits wouldn’t know which couple was actually getting married!!

How times have changed- read on to see for yourself the changing bridesmaid dress trends since the 1900’s.

1920’s- Dresses were dropped waisted with the flapper style becoming popular in 1924.


1930’s-  Cowl necklines were starting to appear with a simple design dress and large bouquets of roses were becoming trendy.

1940’s- During the war- with rationing in place- dresses were modest.  Brides chose to have garments that could be used after the wedding, after all, coupons were like gold dust.  Men often married in their service uniform and women frequently dressed in similar style suits with a military air.

1950’s- Fuller skirts were appearing with nylon petticoats.  Halter straps and small collars were also popular.

1960’s- Dresses were getting shorter and were often teamed with classy gloves and pearls. Designs were more figure hugging.

1970’s- Longer length dresses and raised necklines along with puffed sleeves were proving to be popular in this individualist era.

1980’s- Puffed flowing sleeves still present with a more gathered waist finished with deep lace edging. Individual shades and colours were often chosen.

1990’s- The fashion copied film and pop star weddings with a slim sheath and simple style.

2000’s- With the increasing popularity of ceremonies being held outside of the church, we saw strapless dresses gaining ground.

2013 – Curve hugging dresses with off the shoulder straps and a slimline dress design is just one  of the wonderful styles we see today.

So as you can see, what a fabulous selection of bridesmaid dresses and styles to choose from.  Happy shopping!

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