How to work the iridescent makeup trend for your bridal look

Iridescence is beautiful, offering flashes of purple, pink, green and blue. On a base of silvery white, iridescent makeup flatters every eye colour and has the potential to complement every skin tone. As a result, it’s a great choice for eye-shadows, nail polishes, highlights, blushes and even lipsticks.

Iridescent makeup

This choice of makeup has been in vogue for the last two years, with many brands promoting a number of products that sport the finish. How can you make this trend work for you on your wedding day?

Holographic highlight

Highlighters are all the rage at the moment. With everyone jumping on the contour and highlight wagon, there are a number of highlighters available on the market. One way to work the iridescent makeup trend is by going for a highlighter with a holographic finish.

There are several highlighters offering a multi-coloured, dimensional finish. A holographic highlighter will create an intense glow, much more so than a shimmery finish. It might sound over the top but the shades of violet, green and blue are only apparent in certain lighting. Some shades come to life in sunshine, others only under indoor lights.

We recommend going for a cream base highlighter and finishing off your highlight with a dusting of holographic powder to seal in the cream product.

Eye Makeup

Eye shadow

Iridescent eye makeup will make your eyes look brighter and emphasises their natural colour. You can easily add a dusting of iridescent powder over the top of an eye shadow base, or along the brow and in the corners of the eyes. Shimmering highlighter can be incorporated as part of the eyeliner too.

Ensuring your iridescent makeup doesn’t look overdone

Shimmering makeup can feel like something best confined to your teenage years. There are some ways to ensure that you look glamorous rather than overdone, as The Loop explore:

“The key to making iridescent makeup look sophisticated is to avoid playing with glitter everywhere at the same time. For instance, start with one aspect you want to draw attention to. Whether you’re more of a lip girl or an eye girl, start with a subtle shiny lip gloss, lipstick or eyeshadow. Add a bit of shine to the part of your face that you’re used to enhancing. Remember that shine brings attention to the part of the face it is applied to, so using shine on eyes, lips and cheeks may be too much.”

Glowing skin

Iridescent makeup brings a pretty glow to any feature and is a great choice for wedding day makeup. It delivers an ethereal, glowing look. Stick to highlighting one or two features to ensure that your makeup looks sophisticated and flattering, rather than overdone.

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