How to Have a Pre-Wedding Pamper Session at Home 

With the average wedding costing £31,974 in 2019, lots of couples are thinking of innovative ways to protect their budget. One of the ways you can stop your spending from skyrocketing is to DIY a lot of your wedding. From making your invitations, table arrangements, seating plan, favours, wedding decorations, signs and even entertainment like games for your guests to play with, there are all sorts of ways to have the wedding of your dreams at a fraction of the cost. One of the other ways that you might be able to shave off a few pounds is to arrange a DIY wedding pamper session with your bridal party the night before your wedding. Here’s the lowdown on creating your own at home pre-wedding pamper session.

There are all sorts of beauty treatments that you can do by yourself in the comfort of your home, hotel room or wedding venue. From hair conditioning treatments to exfoliating scrubs and from face masks to soothing foot massages, you won’t know where to start once you’ve decided to DIY your own pamper session. Luckily there is a lot of attention currently being paid to at-home beauty tips and regimes meaning that there is a wealth of information available to anyone interested.

What we always recommend for anyone considering having any treatments on the run-up to their wedding is to make sure that the products you intend to use are safe for you. You want to avoid the nightmare scenario of experiencing any allergic reactions on your Big Day. If you do decide to host your own pamper session then use (and get your bridesmaids/anyone else joining in) to use the treatments in advance that way everyone can relax and enjoy their pampering session. Once you’ve established that everyone will be able to enjoy the products used, the next step is to make your room look like a relaxing and zen spa area.


1. Light a scented candle and/or joss sticks (alternatively a few spritzes of a room spray will also be effective if you are somewhere where there are rules about exposed flames). Lavender is meant to bring on faster, deeper sleep, so a lavender candle or room spray would be the perfect aroma with which to fill your room.

2. Select some soothing sounds. There are even some spa music stations on Spotify and Apple Music you can listen to in order to cement the illusion that you  are at a luxurious spa.

3. Exfoliate and dry brush your body. You don’t want to do anything too intense with your face or your body the night before your wedding but a gentle exfoliation session in the shower with a scrub or a dry brushing session to get your circulation going will do wonders for your skin the next day.

4. Drink lots of water. Whilst it might be very tempting to drink lots of bubbles during your facial session, alcohol is very dehydrating and you won’t want to wake up with a dry mouth and a puffy face due to water retention on the morning of your Big Day.

5. Apply a moisturising face mask. There are all sorts of at-home face mask recipes you can experiment with, although we highly recommend trialling the mask well in advance to make sure that it agrees with your skin. At-home face masks are so popular that even celebrities like Daisy Ridley are a fan of at-home facials with @GraziaUK picking up on “Daisy Ridley shares her LOL homemade facial

6. Moisturise and massage. Use your usual lotion and moisturiser after all your scrubbing and brushing but apply it thoroughly. Go to town! You want every inch of your body to be smooth, silky and soft ready for any action the next … ahem, night. You don’t need to be an expert to give yourself a massage either. Just do what feels nice, or treat yourself to any handy self-massage gadgets that are on the market right now.

7. Mindfulness and meditation. After all that activity, start unwinding with some mindfulness and meditation to get yourself ready for hopefully the deepest sleep of your life. You need to wake up looking and feeling refreshed.

8. Relaxing drink. We’ve said it before, but try to stay off the booze the day before your wedding. Instead, treat yourself to a soothing bedtime drink like a herbal tea designed to help soothe people into restorative sleep, or if you prefer something creamier having a hot chocolate or malty bedtime drink. It’s also important to eat healthily and not too heavily the day before your wedding to prevent bloating.

Of course you don’t need to do the pre-wedding pamper session at home, the night-before options at St. Audries Park make it the ideal setting for sitting down with your best friends and family members to chat over some bubbles and relax with some pampering treatments. Lots of bride and groom-to-be’s ask people to donate tasks or to help out in some way with their wedding, so don’t be nervous about asking any of your brides to help organise a pre-wedding pamper session, especially if they are a massage therapist, make-up artist, hairdresser, reflexologist or beautician by profession.

To help make the night before your wedding feel like a relaxing sanctuary, get in touch to discuss booking one of our fabulous Country House Wedding Venues.



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