Same-sex wedding style: the ultimate guide


Whether you’re having a wedding with two brides or two grooms, everyone involved should look and feel extra special on their big day.

Your wedding day style is one of the many ways that you can bring your big day vision to life, showcase your personality and increase that ‘X factor’. While straight couples tend to stick to the same tried and tested wedding style rules, same-sex couples can be a little more adventurous.

Same-sex couples don’t have to be bound by the same wedding traditions, which means you can mix things up style-wise. Here we take a look at the same-sex wedding style tips that will help you define your unique style on your big day.

Find your style inspiration

The greatest wedding looks are inspired by a certain wedding vibe. Wherever you gather your style inspiration, making sure you go into suit or wedding dress shopping with a shortlist of styles in mind will make the whole experience a more enjoyable and rewarding one.

Whether you’re going for vintage glam, sticking with tradition courtesy of an elegant black-tie look, or opting for a bohemian ensemble, the possibilities are endless. While having a certain style in mind helps (a lot), don’t be afraid to experiment with your look. Try on styles you never even considered, the results may just surprise you!

Consider how you’ll coordinate

Throwing out the rule book is one thing we’d encourage when defining your same-sex wedding style. Decide how you’ll coordinate early on to ensure you let your style shine through as well as complement each other’s looks while still embracing your wider wedding theme.

Many same-sex couples choose to shop together to ensure they get their joint wedding style just right. Hitched explains more about why skipping the ‘big reveal’ on your big day makes perfect sense:

“Lots of couples pick their outfits together so they don’t have clashing suit colours or different shades of white dress. Often that means there’s no need for a ‘big reveal’ and you can spend the night before the wedding and many opt to get ready together.  This makes for some great getting ready photos. However, if you still want to have that big reveal then absolutely do – it’s all about making the day exactly what you want!”

Whether you’re going for matching, coordinating or completely different looks, having a colour, fabric or shape in common will ensure a united wedding day style.

Go with what you love

Opting for an outfit that you love and, most importantly, feel comfortable in is a must when it comes to any wedding day style.

Many lesbian couples choose to experiment with gender norms to suit their personalities with one half of the couple rocking a classic white dress and the other some super sharp tailoring. Find more style tips for same-sex brides here.

Don’t forget to accessorise your ensemble to ensure you look and feel the part for your wedding day. Flowers, makeup and a manicure can add something extra special to a custom look. Accessories can also be used to differentiate similar looks with contrasting pocket squares, differing buttonholes, and a tie and dickie bow combo providing different ways to stylishly wear the same suit.


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