Styling tips for winter grooms

Winter is a magical season, a time when we can wear our favourite jackets and scarves again. It’s also an excellent time to hold a wedding. In this post, we take a look at the most stylish options for winter grooms. From a classy tweed suit to velvet accessories, there’s a variety of choices to suit every taste.

Embrace the tweed suit

A tweed suit possesses an old-school charm hard to replicate with any other fabric. The warm texture and shades of the tweed suit are a perfect complement to the crisp winter season. A tailored wedding suit is all the more appealing in tweed, too. Embrace this classic British look to feel right at home during a winter wedding.

Consider wool

In contrast to tweed, wool is another excellent fabric for a winter wedding. A wool and cashmere blend is a luxurious option that will both feel comfortable and look great. Wool has the added benefit of keeping you warm and cozy during any outdoor wedding activities.

Go with wintery hues

If you’re getting married in the winter season, take the time to consider the right colours to match. Silver, white and grey are all good choices for the cold weather. On the other hand, festive shades like gold, red or bronze are also suitable. Consider the bride and bridesmaids when choosing your groom’s colours, ensuring he doesn’t clash with the rest of the wedding party.

Bring in winter foliage

When styling your buttonhole, try winter foliage for a look that works well with the winter wedding season. Adorning your buttonhole with red berries or evergreen foliage will give you a pop of colour and style to complement the colder months.

In addition, we also recommend exploring metallics. A buttonhole styled with foliage and finished with a gold or silver tip completes a groom’s look with some festive cheer.

Velvet luxe

Velvet is the quintessential winter fabric. It has a luxurious and extravagant air, despite being relatively inexpensive. Experiment with a range of velvet accessories, including a velvet bow tie or waistcoat.

Velvet is a good fabric choice if you want your wedding colours to really stand out. Reds and greens both look deep and rich when superimposed on a velvet fabric. Dobell notes the charm of an ivy green velvet waistcoat:

“We love the elegance and charm of the green silk velvet waistcoat. It will be ideal for a quirky smart/casual winter wedding in town or city, and would look wonderful alongside a blushing bride adorned in matching deeply romantic green satin or velvet.”

Several stylish options

Winter offers a number of style options that are full of character. As a winter groom, there are several stylish accessory and attire choices to choose from. Play around with the different styles of the season and find the one that works best for you and your wedding.

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