How to include sustainable fashion in your wedding

Sustainability is one of the biggest wedding trends around. From ethically-sourced food to environmentally-friendly decorations, couples are going above, and beyond to ensure their nuptials are as green as possible.

As @thegoodtrade says, “Planning with sustainability in mind will help you set off on the right foot as you enter this exciting chapter of life.”

One thing you may not have considered when planning your eco wedding is your outfit. Like every other aspect of your big day, your clothes can always be a little greener.

To help you make your dresses, suits and accessories as environmentally friendly as possible, we’re taking a looks at how to include sustainable fashion in your wedding.

Source clothes from a second hand shop

A great way to incorporate sustainable fashion into your wedding is to source the bridal party’s clothes from a second hand shop.

Most towns and cities in the UK have at least one vintage or charity shop to explore, with many offering high quality pre-loved outfits.

As it can be hard to find multiple versions of the same dress, this is really only an option if you’re happy for each member of your bridal party to wear a unique outfit.

Luckily, the mismatched look is right on trend, so sourcing sustainable second hand gowns and suits that are perfect for your wedding should be easy.

Head online for an upcycled gown

If you want your gown to be as sustainable as your bridesmaids’ dresses, head online to find a fantastic upcycled outfit. Places like Etsy offer a great selection of unique and quirky upcycled dresses.

If you get in touch with the maker, you may even be able to customise your gown to better suit your taste and your wedding theme.

Rent your outfit

Renting is an easy and effective way of making your wedding outfits more sustainable. Renting rather than buying your dresses and suits will cut the carbon footprint of your outfits almost down to zero.

Most companies that offer rented dresses and suits have an excellent choice of styles and outfits, allowing you to find the look that’s perfect for your big day.

Be ethical

More and more wedding dressmakers and tailors are using ethically sourced materials and sustainable production practices.

Taking the time to find a boutique that places an emphasis on sustainability will help you do your bit for the environment and make your wedding a little greener.

Buy a pre-loved dress

A lot of brides choose to donate their wedding dresses to charity, or sell them on, when their big day is done.

Buying a pre-loved gown will help to minimise your carbon footprint and ensure your wedding dress is sustainable.

Boost your green credentials further by donating the dress yourself when your wedding is over.

If you want to make your wedding day as sustainable as possible, your clothes are a great place to start.

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