Upcoming Wedding Trends In 2019 To Consider

As we head towards the end of 2018, the New Year is quickly approaching and with New Year, comes new trends. If you’re looking to tie the knot with your beloved come 2019, these are trends you’re likely to see throughout the planning process. With your wedding day being one of the biggest days of your life, you have probably spent the majority of the past few months planning and organising your wedding, however, with the changes in trends, it’s something worth paying attention to. Here, we’ve listed all of the upcoming trends so you can hit the ground running this January.

Huge Splash Of Colour

In 2019, it’s likely that you’ll see an abundance of bright colours at weddings, as the year will take us away from traditional whites, creams and pinks that we know so well and move us towards many aspects of weddings bursting with bright colours. From the floral arrangements to the dresses of the bridesmaids and guests, even to the groom’s tie, you will see bold colours making a statement.

The decoration is another area where colour can be incorporated. If you’d like to keep in line with tradition while also keeping up with the trends, you could opt for a countryside wedding at St Audries Park for a stunning backdrop to your vows, and choose bold, bright colours to add a unique and memorable touch to your big day.

The Dress

Nowadays, we all love comfort and in order to achieve that, we often have to be practical. In fact, many brides have already and will continue to opt for practicality above all designs for their wedding dress. With this in mind, designers are set to start releasing stunning designs to suit.

Pocketed wedding dresses, in particular, are going to be amongst the trends of 2019, as they allow the bride to keep any valuables close to them. What’s more, it is anticipated that brides-to-be will also choose shorter trains, or in some cases no train at all, in order to make the transfer from the ceremony during the day, to the reception in the evening all the more simple.

With 2018 being a year of two royal weddings, we can expect to see the style and fabric from these weddings interpreted into those marrying in the New Year. Especially as The Duchess of Sussex brought a new flair from the USA and adapted it to her dress for her wedding with Prince Harry.

Engagement Moons

You don’t need to convince us that this is a good idea – with most of the world jumping at any chance to jet off on a holiday, your engagement sounds like the perfect excuse to do so.

When you come to get marries, the run-up to the big day will be full of activity and in most cases, organising the honeymoon on top of your big day could demand too much of your attention. What’s more, taking off some time after your wedding to settle from the comfort of your own home, and instead, jetting off on holiday to celebrate your engagement, you can better get a head start on married life.

Engagement-moons are becoming a widely adopted option, and it is often suggested to take this rather than a honeymoon in order to save money. If you do have a few extra pennies or a budget that can stretch just that bit further, then why not do both and make an even bigger celebration of your new adventure?

Trending Technology

When you think of a traditional wedding, you don’t usually picture a drone; however, it is predicted that we will see the trending technologies, such as drones, at weddings in 2019. They could be used to capture footage of the big day for the happy couple from an entirely new angle, offering a unique take on the traditional wedding video. This is a great way to video the important parts of the day, such as the vows or the speeches, without having someone holding a camera all day or getting in the way of proceedings.

Hopefully, these wedding trends that we have anticipated to see in 2019 have given you some ideas to consider and add to your own wedding. Which trend will you be opting for?

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