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Winter wedding

Warm, cosy and oh-so-atmospheric, there’s something truly wonderful about a winter wedding. Whether the snow is lying thick on the ground or the frost is gleaming on the grass, winter weddings can look and feel fantastic.

Though snow may look beautiful in the background of your wedding photos, plunging temperatures don’t make for relaxing outdoor photo shoots. And if you’re planning on saying your ‘I Dos’ outside, you may already be shivering at the thought of those biting wintry winds.

With a little bit of creativity and some careful planning, you won’t need to suffer through the cold on your wedding day. In fact, if you choose the perfect dress you could end up feeling toasty and looking sensational.

Luxurious materials

The key to feeling warm in your wedding dress is choosing a gown made from thick, sumptuous materials. Like @wimagazine says:

“Look for winter wedding dresses made from duchess satins and heavyweight laces. These should help combat the cold and keep your legs warmer as you walk down the aisle.”

Dresses that have large, layered underskirts will also help to keep you warm on your wedding day.

Warming accessories

If just a part of your wedding is taking place outside, you might just want to add a few warming accessories to your gown to keep you toasty at the crucial moments. You could opt for a beautifully designed pair of gloves, detachable sleeves or faux fur-lined jacket. Even if you’re not sure whether or not you’ll be heading outside during your ceremony or photos, it’s a good idea to plan your accessories in advance to ensure they match your outfit perfectly.

Winter wedding

Wintry tones

One of the best things about getting married in the winter is that it gives you the perfect excuse to choose a gown with lots of sparkle and wintry detailing. Try a dress that’s enhanced with twinkling diamantés or sequins and that has plenty of lace embroidery. You could even incorporate snowflake designs into the embroidery to give the gown an extra wintry touch.

Wrap it up

If you’re getting married in deepest, darkest winter, the wrap is your best friend. Warming and stylish, a good wrap can be added to any wedding outfit to bring your internal temperature up a few degrees. Again, it’s a good idea to choose your wrap at the same time you select your dress to make sure they look great together.

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