Dip dye is the latest wedding dress trend

Although the vast majority of women still choose to get married in white, most brides want to stamp their personality on a wedding dress. Whether this is done through customising the cut, adding unconventional shoes to the outfit or accessorising the dress in an unusual way, adding something different to a wedding dress is a fantastic way to make you stand out from the crowd on your big day.

Dip die wedding dress trend

One of the latest trends for wedding dress customisation is dip dyeing. The technique is the perfect solution for brides who want to wear a traditional dress but still want to stamp their style on the outfit. As @Simplemostsite says:

“Adding a colorful, even ombre, effect to the bottom of your gown is a great way to break from tradition. Sure, you still want to wear a white gown if you’re not looking to stray too far from the norm—but this way, you can still add a ton of personality to your gown.”

What is dip dye?

Dip dyeing is a technique in which fabric is dipped into a dye in order to colour the ends. The colour can either be a block tone or applied to give the finished fabric a more faded or gradual shade. When using dip dyeing, you can either add a single shade to the fabric, or dye it using multiple tones to create a rainbow-like effect. In general, wedding dresses that are coloured using this technique have the very bottom of their skirts dipped in the dye. This will add a flash of colour right at the base of the dress, giving it a personal touch and a completely unique look.

Wedding dress

Can you dip dye your own dress?

If you’re the creative type, dip dyeing your own wedding dress shouldn’t be too much of a problem. There’s lots of information online about how to master the process and doing it yourself will give you an extra bit of pride in the finished product. However, as your wedding dress is likely to be one of the most expensive garments you own, it’s a good idea to practice with another piece of fabric before you do it for real. If you’re not quite brave enough to dye your own dress, there are designers and dressmakers out there who can dip dye your gown for you.

Choosing a colour

In most cases, brides choose a tone that matches the colour theme of their wedding décor. This can be a good way to tie your outfit to your theme and bring the whole look of your wedding together. Alternatively, you could opt to make your dress your ‘something blue’ and dip the end in an aqua dye.

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