5 things you need to know about honeymooning in Iceland

There are few places on Earth as dramatic, vibrant and otherworldly as Iceland. As @Brides notes:

“It’s the perfect place for adventurous travelers who want to fill their honeymoon with activities like hiking, horseback riding, ice-climbing, and chasing the Northern Lights in one of the most beautiful settings on Earth.”

Iceland view

So if you’re looking for a honeymoon destination with a difference, why see what the land of fire and ice has to offer?

1. When to go

The time you choose to you go to Iceland will depend on what it is you want to do there. Go in the summer months (June, July and August) and you’ll experience the Arctic midnight sun, mild temperatures and easy travel. Spring and summer are the perfect time to visit if you plan to do lots of outdoor activities like hiking, riding and mountain biking. In the winter, Iceland is not a destination for the faint-hearted. However, if you and your new spouse like the idea of snuggling up in your winter woollies and enjoying a spectacular show from the northern lights, this could well be the perfect time for your trip.

2. Flights and costs

Direct flights are available to Reykjavik from a number of UK airports and flight time is around three hours. Some connecting flights are also available but with budget airlines offering regular services, there’s no real need to take a detour. Once you’re there, you’ll find Iceland a moderately expensive place to eat, drink and sleep. Although nowhere near as expensive as it was before the 2008 crash, the country is still pricey so make sure you have a generous budget for your honeymoon.

3. Where to stay

No trip to Iceland would be complete without a stay in the country’s atmospheric capital. Small and easy to navigate, Reykjavik makes an excellent base for a tour of the island. From there, you can visit many of the country’s sights as a daytrip, allowing you to stay in one hotel for the duration of your honeymoon. Alternatively, you can stay in one of the country’s other tiny towns or get out into the wild and find a room in the heart of the Icelandic countryside.

Lighthouse in Iceland

4. Food and drink

Iceland is home to a thriving culinary scene and those not familiar with Icelandic fare are likely to be pleasantly surprised by what they find. As you’d expect, a lot of dishes feature fish although lamb can be found on many menus in a number of different guises. If you want to have a drink with your meal, you’ll find alcohol in general is very expensive. If you’re planning a celebratory night out with your new spouse, do as the Icelanders do and have a few drinks at home before hitting the town.

5. Things to do

Aside from wandering round the pretty streets of Reykjavik, the one thing you have to do in Iceland is pay a visit to the Blue Lagoon. The geothermal spa is a spectacular sight to see and you’re guaranteed to feel fantastic after a soak in its healing waters. Pre-book your spot before you head to Iceland to avoid disappointment.

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