How to be the best bridesmaid

Wedding planning may be stressful for the bride and groom at its centre, but each and every member of the wedding party plays a vital role in making sure everything goes to plan on the day.

With this in mind, a bridesmaid is so much more than a bridal asset. She’s a vital source of support throughout the wedding planning process.

It is no doubt a great honour to be asked to be a bridesmaid, and fulfilling your role to the best of your abilities can make all the difference to the wedding experience for that special bride in your life. We reveal the top tips that will help you be the best bridesmaid you can be.

Shop ‘til you drop

As well as playing a key part in the selection of your gown and your fellow bridesmaids’ dresses, joining the bride on a shopping trip for her own ensemble is another way to win bridesmaid brownie points.

Shopping for a wedding dress is a major milestone for any bride. Being there to support her, even after she’s tried on her 51st dress, is an important responsibility for a bridesmaid.

Wedding Ideas explains how you can help to make the wedding dress shopping experience memorable for all the right reasons:

“What would wedding dress shopping be without a bride’s group of bridesmaids? The answer is: really, really boring. Actually, it wouldn’t just be boring, it would be unhelpful for them to be missing from the experience.

You wouldn’t get the opinions or comments about the things you try on, you wouldn’t get beautiful dresses handed to you that you never even thought about trying on, and you wouldn’t get the smiles and tears (happy ones) when you find the perfect gown.”

Plan the perfect hen

The hen party is not only a celebration of your bride, it’s a vital way to let off some steam in the midst of wedding planning.

It’s also an excellent opportunity for bridesmaids and the wider wedding party to mingle before the big day.

Planning the perfect hen party may not be easy but doing an activity that your bride loves and making sure she’s got all the important people in her life there with her are the golden rules.

Take charge of some tasks

Whether your bride has a clear idea of what she wants or she’s figuring it out as she goes along, taking some tasks off her hands can help tremendously.

Help your bride gather inspiration, attend wedding fairs and events with her, go to all her dress fittings, chase RSVPs, and help her find the perfect wedding footwear – remember, every little helps!

Just be there

The bride-to-be will face her own worries and stresses during the wedding planning process, but being there to simply listen can be a real help.

There may be times when the fun and excitement of wedding planning gives way to overwhelming and daunting feelings. By lending an ear and even a few words of wisdom you can help her to keep calm and carry on.

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