In-season flowers that will brighten your wedding bouquet

Spring is a welcome relief after a grey winter, bringing sunshine and warmer temperatures. It also heralds the beginning of the wedding season. There are many reasons couples choose to tie the knot in spring. For one thing, it’s the time of year that a great variety of flowers come into bloom. This means you have better choices when it comes to wedding bouquets, buttonholes and centrepieces.

With our coastal views and acres of tranquil deer park, St. Audries Park is the perfect setting whatever season you’re planning to get married. Come spring, the grounds of our beautiful venue offer greenery and colour like no other. Seasonal flowers are a wonderful addition to any wedding, but St. Audries Park offers a chance to combine striking floral arrangements with the magnificent grounds themselves.



Tulips are rather underrated on the wedding scene. These beautiful flowers can add a burst of colour, thanks to the sheer number of shades available. As Brides puts it:

“With these pretty, layered flowers at their best from mid-March through May, they’re an obvious pick for your bridal bouquet this spring. And though you may know them best as the pastel varieties blooming in your garden or available at your local grocery store, there are hundreds of unique varieties of tulips. From standard tulips like the Big Smile and Menton varieties, which can be found in shades of white through deep reds and purples, to exciting Parrot Tulips, which are known for the ruffled tips of their petals, you can find them in just about any colour and style that best suits your wedding style.”


Nothing says spring like the daffodil, but these iconic spring bulbs don’t have to be bright yellow. Great as mixed bouquets or stand-alone table arrangements, daffodils are available in a variety of shades, including white, coral and orange. Whether you go for bright and bold or take a subtler approach, the humble daffodil provides a stunning, sturdy and striking addition to a spring bouquet and can really help the interior of your property flourish.

Spring bouquet


A classic wedding flower, these fragrant blooms are the perfect choice for both bouquets and buttonholes. In season, freesias symbolise everything a wedding union should be, representing trust and innocence. Available in pink, yellow, red, orange, purple and white, freesias are highly scented so you can excite your nose as well as your eyes.

We couldn’t mention classic wedding flowers without drawing attention to another popular variety. The peony blossom is another bloom that’s in season, and perfect for not just bouquets but table and aisle decoration.


For those looking for a simple but colourful arrangement for their bouquet, the hyacinth is certain to be high on your hit list. Blue hyacinths have grown in popularity, principally due to their variety. Pretty in pink, white, yellow, red and purple, this fragrant flower has a shape and shade made for wedding bouquets. Want a spray flower that isn’t as well known or recognisable? Lilac is a Victorian favourite that’s making comeback. A popular choice for vintage weddings, lilac’s classic look and feel is the perfect complement for those tying the knot at St Audries Park.

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