Our guide to comfy bridal footwear

Comfy wedding shoes

As the bride, you’ll want to find yourself a great pair of shoes that flatter you and your overall look. However, with hours of dancing to contend with you’ll need to be sure your footwear is as comfortable as it is stylish!

Go for bridal shoes

Shoes specially designed for a wedding day are often designed with comfort in mind. Extra padding is added to protect your feet from the rigours of a long day on your feet. Bridal shoes also tend to come in classic wedding hues, like ivory, cream, silver and rose gold. It’s an effortless complement to your wedding dress, so be sure to go for an open, rounded toe. These are your best bet for pinch-free shoes.

Think about flats

One of the simplest ways to avoid the classic aching feet that come with a pair of killer heels is to go for a pair of flats. A cute pair of flats can look great with a short hemline dress and will help with the age-old problem of aching feet.

Flat wedding shoes

Try before you buy

Comfy shoes are key to keeping you feeling your best on your wedding day. One way to ensure yours will last the night is by doing the right prep work and then breaking them in.

Try your shoes on before you buy them! Don’t be tempted to save some cash and order a pair online. You can’t be sure of how well they’ll fit, if they pinch in certain places, or how comfortable they will be to walk in and wear for extended periods. Get yourself out to the shops and practice walking up and down along the aisles, so you can be sure you’ve got a pair with a great fit. After buying your shoes, be sure to practice wearing them for a few hours. It will break them in and you’ll get a feel for how well they’ll hold up over a longer stretch of time.

Make small tweaks

There are other ways to keep your feet comfortable throughout the ceremony and late night celebrations. One of the best ways to do this is is to go for insole padding.

The writers at Cosmo offer this advice: “If the balls of your feet are your main issue, sticky gel inserts that cushion that area will work wonders. Only go for a full insert if your shoes are slightly too big as these will otherwise cramp the area for your feet.”

In addition, shoe repair shops can also make heels shorter – ideal if you have found a fabulous pair but worry they’ll be hard on your feet. Make sure to choose shoes that work for you. If you have wide feet, go for wide shoes. Avoid small, pointed toes that will pinch your feet.

Making your bridal shoes as comfy as possible

We hope you found our guide to comfy wedding day shoes helpful – be sure to shop around, break your shoes in and make small tweaks. Doing so will ensure you stay comfortable all evening and truly enjoy your special day!

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