Wedding hairstyle ideas for short hair

Short hair style

Many bridal magazines sport models with long, flowing locks, but we are also big fans of trendy short-cuts. If you have a shorter hair style, there are many stylish and chic wedding day hairstyles that you can go for on your wedding day.

Go natural: wear your hair down

Wearing your hair down is a simple and fuss-free option for your wedding day. Wearing your hair down is a great option if you’re a low maintenance bride, who doesn’t want to spend hours on styling her hair. Wearing your hair down gives you a relaxed look, that works well with a bohemian dress style.

A gorgeous bob also frames your face beautifully, and is a wonderful choice for anyone looking to enhance and show off a great bone structure and pretty wedding makeup.

If you’re a bohemian at heart, then you may like to go with your natural hairstyle, enhancing it with a light serum to tame any flyaways. In comparison, you could opt to style your hair, choosing to straighten, wave, or curl your hair, and style it with heavier products for a glossy, well-styled look.

Go for a relaxed up-do

Pulling your hair back into a relaxed bun, and pulling some strands over your face, is a beautifully romantic look. Unlike long hair, shorter hair can pull off this look much more easily, as you don’t have to worry about placing long strands.

A relaxed up-do also looks great with a headband or a floral crown. If you have chosen a headband with diamante or statement embellishments, such an accessory will be shown-off perfectly with a relaxed up-do.

A vintage hair styleGo vintage

If you’re planning a wedding that incorporates the charms of a certain era, you may be drawn to styling your hair to fit the theme of your wedding day.

The simple curler is the beauty tool of choice, which has been used by stylish women throughout the decades to create beautiful curls. From soft, rolling waves to tight curls – shop around to find the rollers that will help to create the perfect look for you.

Retrochick shares some top advice for working with curlers: “You’ll find lots of setting patterns for different looks, but the smaller the roller the tighter the curl. On short hair a larger roller or stand up pin curl will give smooth bounce, a smaller roller or tighter flat pin curl can give a mass of curls. Experiment with what works for you, and don’t forget the importance of brushing out in the finished style”.

Go for a well-styled up-do

Just because you have a short hairstyle does not mean that you cannot enjoy an elaborate up-do for your wedding day. There are many lovely up-dos that short-haired brides can choose from. Take a look online for inspiration, or discuss ideas with your hairstylist.

The ideal style for you

Short-haired brides-to-be have many stylish choices to choose from, when it comes to styling their hair for their wedding day. Whichever option you set your heart on, be sure to consider how your hairstyle will work with your overall look and spend some time practicing styling the look before your day.

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